Road maintenance and construction is critical to keep pace with commerce and our quality of life and must be funded adequately. As technology advances to enhance fuel efficiency and provide alternative energy sources, we must rethink funding strategies for transporation for the long run.  

District 42 comprises the west sides of West Jordan and South Jordan, which are epicenters of growth.  As we expand ever westward toward the Oquirrhs, the chronic problems of east-west congestion will only worsen without investment in infrastructure.  I oppose turning the Mountain View Corridor into a toll system.  I support protecting transportation funds from being raided for other projects.    

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@ Brent

Not only is getting onto Bangerter very time consuming during normal commute hours, it is often a slow moving parking lot. Mountainview Corridor is fast, convenient, and easy to get to for those of us living around 5600 W and beyond. It is severely crippled as it does not currently connect to the 201. I agree Bangerter intersections should be updated to the one like 7800 S. and we need better East/West Solutions. If public funds are not available to complete mountain view corridor I support a mild toll road.
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Honestly, Mountain View Corridor should never have been built to begin with. It’s parallel to and within a mile of Bangerter for most of it’s route. Future money should be spent on updating Bangerter intersections to be like the one they built at 7800 S, and building an East / West solution for the area.
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I would support turning Mountain View Corridor into a toll system for a few years if it means they will connect it to the 201! It’s fairly useless where it ends at 5400 S. and it will remain that way until it connects to the 201. If $ is not available, then make it into a toll road!
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