Each year there are proposals in the legislature to increase taxes, and lately they come more and more from Republican legislators. From education to transportation, each tax increase sounds like a bona fide need, and a small increase doesn’t sound like much of a sacrifice at first.  

What tax and spend policies neglect, however, is that every dollar taken from the taxpayers is a dollar they do not have the freedom to spend on their families or in the pursuit of happiness.   The transfer of private property to the government, whether bit by bit or all at once, is the path to big government and the erosion of personal freedom.  

I support strengthening the Truth in Taxation process and improving qualifications of members of the State Tax Commission and School LAND trust fund managers.  I always support accountability and transparency for use of tax-payer funds.  I believe we should look for ways to increase efficiencies in our government services, including allowing the private sector to do things that it can do better and cheaper.



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