Video Blog

  • State Board of Education Selection

    One of the biggies of this session: State Board of Education elections. A brief explanation of our choices and my picks.

  • Limit Expanding Authority to Bond/Tax

    A bill proposed to extend general obligation bonding authority to interlocal agencies. I voted "no."  Here's why.

  • Punish the Early Adopters

    So many efforts to earmark public school funding, leaving less for districts to use as they need.  Here are my thoughts.

  • The CARtel Auto Franchise

    Utah's own "Too Big to Fail" auto franchise protection laws.  We try to crack this powerful lobby in the 2015 session. 

  • Education Leadership Licensing

    This has been disingenuously and erroneously called the "Anyone Can Be a Principal" bill.  Far from it, here is an explanation.

  • Converting School Buses to CNG

    A quick comment on why I opposed a bill to convert school buses to CNG--and it's not because I hate clean air.