Guiding Principles


As a Republican, I believe in the Principles outlined in the Republican Party Platform, and affirm that the proper role of governmentis to protect the unalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty,property, and the pursuit of happiness.  To this end the government exists by the consent of the People and must be restrained.  The Constitution is the bedrock of our Republic.

That said, it has become clear that no political party has all the answers. 

I believe the best ideas and solutions come from people, not parties.  I will look for ideas and solutions from citizens and legislative colleagues, regardless of party affiliation.    

In the last legislative session about 1200 bills were proposed, and 450 were passed into law.  Many bills modify existing laws or "clean them up."  Some laws are created to protect people from harm. But many laws have the effect of limiting personal, property or business rights and freedoms or seek more ways to spend our hard-earned money  The legislature should use caution and restraint in making such decisions.

My decision-making process and general ethos is one of identifying and acting on core principles.  Sometimes this requires peeling away emotions, personalities, situations and events that often cloud a decision.  Stripping away the distracting elements will most likely lead to the best decisions.   

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