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endorsed 2018-12-12 00:30:31 -0700
endorsed via 2014-08-27 23:23:58 -0600
I know Kim to be a very competent leader, one who has vision and knows what it really means to be the peoples’ representative.
endorsed via 2014-08-27 20:07:53 -0600
posted about this on Facebook 2014-08-27 18:16:31 -0600
I'm endorsing Kim Coleman for Utah House 42. Please join me!
endorsed 2014-08-27 18:15:23 -0600
I have known Kim for 15+ years. She is an honest, hard working, intelligent women. She is a family-oriented mom who appreciates the opportunities for education, public and private. She is goal-oriented and prioritizes her goals so that they may best be achieved. Her core values and morals are invaluable. Kim is kind and sensitive to everyone she meets and treats them with dignity and respect. Her support in charity and service work are outstanding. I support Kim Coleman for House 42!
endorsed 2014-06-04 15:09:53 -0600
I’m happy to endorse Kim for the Utah Legislature 42!
endorsed 2014-03-31 11:17:53 -0600
I have known Kim personally for over 8 years. She is exactly what our Republican Party needs at the Utah Legislature. She is a strong conservative who supports the free market, but she also has profound and deep experience with public education. Since over half of Utah’s state budget goes to public education, we urgently need Republicans like her defending our values on public education.
endorsed 2014-03-30 00:41:18 -0600
Kim has been a savvy citizen activist for years. Now is a great time to put her into the Utah Legislature where her skills will help to limit government and bring about meaningful change to return local control to every facet of lives. She is smart, dedicated and has a will to keep government out of our lives. She has all the right contacts and will be a fantastic Representative. I endorse her without reservation. Matthew Bell, State and County Delegate GOP
endorsed 2014-03-29 16:50:36 -0600
endorsed 2014-03-29 12:25:05 -0600
Kim, has advised many candidates and organization on how to more effectively communicate issues. In order to do so she has had to communicate well, find common ground and be strategic in her approach. Kim is a good leader, she’s smart and a good person.
posted about this on Facebook 2014-03-29 09:52:41 -0600
I'm endorsing Kim Coleman for Utah House 42. Please join me!
endorsed 2014-03-29 09:52:09 -0600
Kim Coleman is a dedicated conservative, with the interest, knowledge & experience to be a strong and effective representative. Her hands on background in education, and in other public policy issues make for a great combination of principle and practicality that will be a valuable addition to Utah’s legislature. Vote for Kim!