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commented 2020-05-24 21:00:25 -0600
Dear Kim,

Thank you for your bid for Congress. I wish you the very best. What we need is what President Spencer W. Kimball said in 1976: President Kimball Condemns Wrongdoing by Government Officials

On the eve of the nation’s bicentennial birthday, President Spencer W. Kimball has issued a special statement condemning the wrongdoing and immorality of public servants and has called upon all elected and appointed government officials to observe “high moral principles.”

“New disclosures and charges regarding questionable activities of public servants in Washington, D.C., in addition to those in recent months and years, are shocking indeed.

“It is time for both elected and appointed officials, regardless of party, in our government, nationally and locally, to appraise themselves and their practices. There appears to be too often an attitude of indifference toward serious acts of wrongdoing.

“There is no better time than now, in this bicentennial year of our nation’s birth, for a rededication to the high moral principles which have contributed to this nation’s greatness. The workings of our government should be an example to the world—in uncompromising integrity, in wise and prudent stewardship of public funds, in personal morality, including fidelity in marriage, and in an openness on activities which will build the confidence of the electorate. The citizenry should expect no less.

“We remind public servants of a slogan of President Grover Cleveland: ‘Public office is a public trust.’

“And also of President Theodore Roosevelt’s statement: ‘It is better to be faithful than famous.’ This nation can be no stronger than its families.

“America cannot remain strong by ignoring the commandments of the Lord given to Moses on Sinai.

“It is time our government officials and all of us reaffirm our motto, ‘In God we trust,’ and conduct our lives accordingly.” (Ensign. July,1976)

I wish you the very best in your campaign.

Warmest regards,
commented 2019-06-27 12:06:52 -0600
Looking for a House candidate to support. There is a credential I seek that is a bit unusual. Not much of at texter (in my day we called it telegraph) so, be great if you’d call.
commented 2017-02-07 11:25:47 -0700
Please support H.B 198 the concealed carry gun law. We already have open carry but I think concealed carry is better as it will allow me to have my Ruger and still go about my business without distracting other people.

Thank You,

Vicki Martin

commented 2016-03-08 20:54:07 -0700
Hello Mrs. Coleman,

I thank you for listening to me today. It was also good to hear that you have tried to research the issues that I brought up on your own. I will prepare some interesting research material when I get back home and mail it to you, so you should have it within a week and you can provide it to the gentleman that you pointed out is taking over on efforts to let Tesla sell direct to Utah’s parents.

Anytime that I am needed to help explain my position, I will gladly make the trip to Utah. I have been doing this for a while (39 months). I realize it may seem strange to you that I have made all that effort just to make sure that you have received my material (and I also realize that you have a degree in Psychology), and my opponents will use such actions on my part to suggest that I am just not well, but what they will not tell you is that I am building up an entire story around a simple truth that just happens to be too important and too significant to continue to conceal….a truth that affects our children’s health. There is no reason why American Children should be subjected to such experimentation.

I also thank you for informing me about the air quality issues in Utah. I have had an opportunity to see a bit more of the area surrounding Salt Lake City today, and obviously the refineries are not helping. I have mentioned natural gas that requires almost no refining and burns perhaps the cleanest from all fuel types. There is no perfect solution, but people should know the truth about all the alternatives. I will investigate closely the air quality issues in the Salt Lake City area.

I constantly advise my opponents that I will always “up the ante” if they chose not to inform parents of the health hazard to children that those like Musk have created. So, the types of things that I have mentioned to you in my letter are a result of my continued effort to always raise the bar. Obviously I started all of my effort with a much more positive and cooperative attitude (perhaps what you would consider more “sane” or professional) towards my opponents. At one point I even felt that I have done my due diligence as an engineer by informing a sufficient number of people, and I actually wanted to stop my efforts and go back to a more normal and comfortable life….but that thought of quitting lasted about a second…and I was very ashamed of ever having such a thought. You see, this thought came to me when we were in a waiting area in a hospital, and my two boys were playing with a beautiful young girl. So, as I was feeling for one second that I have done enough and that I could justify stopping my efforts and not take any risks that I knew were on the horizon, at that same moment my older son innocently asked the young girl what was she doing in the hospital…and she told him she had cancer. God made sure I would never have thoughts about quitting again.

I have done a lot to continue to constantly elevate my efforts to the next level, but this is not a game to me. I know the risks. One thing that I have learned over the past 39 months is that when I consider everything that has happened, there is no way that I can be wrong about this. I wish it never got political, but it did….and so I continued in my strategy of always upping the ante until my opponents give up and give me the warning label that I want.

I mentioned to you today that I left the office life (about a year ago) to pursue this effort and other things. That was a simple answer. The more complex answer would have also involved me telling you a story of an employee who kept telling me that I should be careful where I go because some armed individual could be following me. I usually responded that for every bad guy following me, there are two good guys with bigger guns following him, making sure nothing bad happens to me. A month after I stopped showing up to the office, he left. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but certain things are easy to figure out. I also got tired of throwing out any food that I kept in the office out of fear of being poisoned. Most importantly, I wanted to be home to protect my family. I did not want to go into the more complex answers when we talked today. Like I said, I have enough material to fill a book. Also, I want this story to be the best story possible for my audience….because my audience deserves to be entertained….because my audience is affected by cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS and Autism….so when I travel to Connecticut or to Utah or even to Europe…it makes the story a bit more interesting…and I get to make sure that my knowledge actually gets to where I want it to go. Honestly, I also figure that my opponents would much rather take me out when I am traveling…which is good because that would mean that they would be less likely to go after me at my home where my kids are.

I could go on and on…but I really wanted to point out to you that if I had contacted you about this two years ago, you would have probably thought that I was just a “sane” engineer doing his due diligence in a professional manner….and that everything was under control because clearly if there was a health issue, then nice people like Mr. Musk would also be concerned and do their due diligence.

Mr. Musk and all his bright ex-NASA engineers and scientists at Spacex have known about this since December 2012..and to this day they have been unable to prove that I am wrong…and I know those ex-NASA folks are much smarter than me.

If only that pediatric doctor in Flint was as “insane” and “unprofessional” as I am, always upping the ante because she knew that all those kids were drinking contaminated water every day. Yes I know it was not her fault, but it does not change what happened. I really regret not progressing in my efforts fast enough….but I am trying.
commented 2016-02-21 12:56:33 -0700

All good points, most of which are created or neglected at the federal level. The federal child nutrition program has become such an overreach that it now just gives free lunch in the park in the summer to anyone at all, regardless of income or circumstances.

This year there have been proposals to have state government enter the space of preschool and all day kindergarten, NOT just for at-risk students as initially promoted.

Two weeks ago when I asked what the state can do to resist federal government mission creep into education, Congressman Bishop said “stop going into new territory like preschool because if you say this is an appropriate place for government, the feds will walk right through that door.”

I do think parents and students should have more responsibility for their choices, successes and failures. But heavy-handed government punishment or stigmatizing incentives that pit parent against child are not the answers either. This is the reason for several votes I’ve made in this area this year.
commented 2016-02-21 10:08:02 -0700

I do not support additional funding for Trax, and I was vocally opposed to Prop 1. We have huge transportation needs in our valley, but as you assess it, ridership doesn’t justify the expense as it does in other cities (though I’m sure it doesn’t quite pencil anywhere as an enterprise). I do support plans to complete MVC. Our east/west routes are still strained and congested. And I think (hope) planners have learned a lot from Bangerter Hwy. As a westside resident, I am so frustrated at the length of time it takes to get from where I live just blocks from MVC to I15. It takes me the same amount of time to get to the Capitol as it takes my colleague from Park City. That is a problem of east/west arteries mainly. So this is why I supported the transportation funding bill last year—because we are at the epicenter of western growth with very strained means of heading east to where most of us work, play and shop. That infrastructure costs should be borne by everyone, not just our residents through a new, high tax.

Thanks for your comments.
commented 2016-01-15 17:16:04 -0700
why is it that you don’t respond to emails from your constituents, or phone calls to you while you were on the hill representing us? I supported you last time against my neighbor Jim Bird, but after your lack of willingness to express your opinions or contact the constituents I will not be supporting this year should you run, which I hope you don’t!!
commented 2014-09-25 21:47:02 -0600
I’m trying to get signs for your campaign
commented 2014-03-31 10:18:18 -0600
Hello Mr. Bird,

My name is Dorothy Rasmussen. I am a county delegate from precinct WJD080. I would like to know more about you before convention on April 12. Please complete the following questionnaire. Thank you.