2016 Legislation


The 2016 Legislative Session is upon us.  After getting my feet wet in my first session last year, I am ready to hit the ground running with significant legislation that aims to protect individual liberties and uphold our Utah Constitution's prohibition on restraint of trade.  Here is a preview of what I'm working on.  I will be adding video blogs and social media commentary on this and other legislation.  I will hold regular Saturday In-Session town hall meetings to hear from you.  

I whole-heartedly invite you to contact me anytime.  Texting me at 801-865-8970 is the best means during the session. 


Higher Education Rights Act to re-affirm constitutional rights to free speech on public university and college campuses.  This encompasses three separate bills dealing with a student's right to speech in peer to peer situations, students' right to speech on campus as a public forum and the speech rights and limitations of professors and instructors. 

New Auto Franchise Act to allow new car companies to choose the method of sales and distribution of their automobiles, selling directly to consumers if that is what they and their consumers want, and not having to give up large control of their companies to third party, middleman dealerships.  Currently, two companies, Tesla and Vanderhall (a Utah manufacturer) have been prohibited from selling cars in Utah.  Kirkham Motorsports, a Utah manufacturer for 22 years, may also be facing the same anti-competition threat.


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